October 9

Skyping with Royce

On Sunday I Skyped with Royce from Mrs Yollis’ class. Royce and I both enjoy playing Poptropica and have been having a conversation about the game and giving each other advice on how to play on my A Game for you to play post. Here is some of our conversation.

Royce conversation
Royce conversation 2

Royce and I decided that we’d like to play a game of Poptropica together so we decided to Skype each other so we could see each other and talk while we played. It was early Sunday morning here (Leopold, Australia) and late afternoon Saturday for Royce (California, USA).
We got to play:

  • Ballons
  • Star link
  • Sky dive
  • Pathways
  • Paintwar

We also gave each other tips and advice about the game and how to get new items, I even turned Royce into a Zommbie and saw him in his Halloween costume.

Here is a slide show of us Skyping and playing Poptropica that I made.

Skyping with Royce on PhotoPeach

I also learnt that Royce has been to Disneyland, has a sister, likes living in America and that he’d love to come to Australia one day, how cool would that be if I got to meet him.

Have you ever Skyped with a friend and who was it?

Do you play any online games with your friends?