April 12


For challenge week 5 (it’s a bit late) I decided to write about apples.

The are lots of different types of apples such as red and golden delicious apples, granny Smith apples, gala apples and rome apples. All of these different types of apples still have the same life cycle.

Here is a life cycle of an apple.


You can eat apples by themselves or you can use them in recipes to make some other delicious foods.  Some things that you can make with apples are apple pie, apple cake, apple sauce, apple puree, apple pizza, toffee apples, apple slice,  apple muffins and apple crumble. I like to eat my apples made into apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce and apple puree.

What type of apple is your favourite?

What is your favourite meal that has apples in it?


March 15

Bellarine Rail Trail

For this week’s challenge I needed to write a post about where I live however I have written many posts about my town such as about the post I wrote for a local radio station BayFM, our towns theme park, our local  football team and of course our town Geelong. I thought I’d write a persuasive argument about why people should use our local rail trail to ride their bikes instead of on the road.

The Bellarine Rail Trail runs from Geelong to Queenscliff. It use to be a railway track which opened in 1879, then in 1976 the rail way line closed. In 1979 they reopened the track between Drysdale and Queenscliff for tourist train rides. The rest of the track has been turned into a bike / walking track. I have riden with my family to Newcomb and to Drysdale from Leopold.




I believe the rail trail is better than the road.

Firstly, the rail trail is safe. It’s safe because there are no cars, so no one can run over you.

Secondly, it’s more quieter. It’s quieter because there is no traffic as it’s located away from the road.

Last but not least it’s less busy on the rail trail than the road because it’s very long and people can use it at different spots.

That’s why I believe the rail trail is better than the road.

What did you think of my persuasive text?  

March 4

Chow mien

On Saturday the 3rd  I cooked tea for my Nana, Par, Mum and brother Tyler.

Here is the recipe to make it:

1/2 kilo (500 grams) mince meat.

1 pack of chicken noodle soup.

3 table spoons of rice (uncooked)

4  silver beet sticks

2 onions

1/2 finely chopped silver beet


1 table spoon soy sauce

3 table spoons tomato sauce

1 teaspoon curry powder

6 shacks pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1.Put water,chicken soup and meat in saucepan and stir.

2.Add all other ingredients,stir until it boils,then  simmer for 30 mins.Stirring occasionally.




Everybody loved my tea, Nana scored my tea a 9.7 and Par scored it 9.5.

What do you think about the recipe?

What do you like to cook for tea?

February 26

Minecraft for free

I have a new game which is fun to play it’s called Minecraft. You can play for a long time as it allows you to save and continue your game for another time.

You can purchase Minecraft or you can play a free version, all you need to do to play is sign up. I like to play it at school in the computer room at lunch time. I recommend the game for children 8 years and older to adults.

The aim of Minecraft is to build houses, villages,  fight zombies, walk around and explore.

On Minecraft you can:

  • make a house with lava surrounding it
  • make an aquarium, without fish
  • fly around
  • put up signs
  • kill zombies
  • grow (spawn) villagers, skeletons, pig zombies
  • and lots more

The thing I like the most about Minecraft is that if you die you can start again from where you were.

By the way thank you very munch for showing me the game Quinn.

What do you think of Minecraft?

Do you have a favourite computer game, if so what is it?


February 10

Trash Packs

I like to collect different toys. At the moment I like collecting Trash Packs, they are sometimes called Trashies.  Click here to visit the Trash Packs web site.

Watch the video to see what Trash packs are.

There are lots of different Trashies to collect such as:

  • scummy squirrel
  • eltrasho
  • loo paper
  • germit
  • garbage egg
  • manglez

Here is a photo of the Trash Packs I have collected so far.


What do you collect?

What great thing do you have in your collection?

February 1

I Reached my goal of 4,000 visitors

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Wow, look at my visitors.

I love looking at my ClustrMap to see how many visitors I’ve had since starting my blog last June and seeing what countries all my visitors come from. I also like watching yellow dots to see who’s visiting my blog now.

To celebrate reaching 4,000 visitors (which I never thought I’d get) we’re going to Adventure Park. We’re going to spend the whole day there and go on lots of rides. I’m looking forward to playing mini golf, the go karts and the lazy river torrent.

I have had people from about 45 different countries visit my blog, many of them leaving comments.

The top 5 countries who have visited my blog are:

1. Australia



4.New Zealand


I have had many visitors from countries I have never even heard of! I have learnt that Hungry is a country also not just something that you feel when you want food.

I have never been to another country but some day the places I would like to visit are:

  • America
  • China
  • North Pole

Can you tell me something interesting that I may not know about a country that has visited me?

If you have a blog how many visitors have you had?





January 23

My Top 5 Wii Games

The world’s first Wii was made in 1996 so that means it has been around for about 15 years, we got ours about 4 years ago. I love playing games on it and also competing against friends and my brother.

Some of my favourite Wii games I like to play are Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Just Dance 3, DJ Hero 2, Wii Sports and Wii Play.

In Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games the goal of the game is to come 1st or 2nd or 3rd. Some of the games you can compete in are shooting, cycling, football (soccer), gymnastics, swimming, dream long jump and dream trampolining.

In Just Dance 3 the goal of the game is to copy the person on the TV. Songs I like to dance to are party rock anthem and teenage dream.

In DJ Hero 2 the goal of the game is to press the correct buttons to beat of the music. You can also DJ it up and scratch to the beat.

In Wii Sports the goal of the game is to beat your family, friends and beat the Wii. The different games you can play are tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing.

Last but not least in Wii Play the goal of the game is to get a gold medal on every little event. Some of the games you can play are fishing, shooting, table tennis, tanks and cow riding.

Do you have a favourite game you can recommend for me?

What game did you vote for?

January 8

My First Nippers Carnival

Since the start of Term 4 I have been going to Nippers training every Friday and Sunday. I go to Ocean Grove beach with the Ocean Grove Life Saving Club practicing my skills to be able to compete in competitions. They also do a Surf  Ed program at the start of January which goes for 6 sessions which I have also been doing.

On Friday the 6th of January 2012 I participated in my first Nippers Carnival at Cosy Corner beach at Torquay. I had an early start and had to be there by 8am, luckily my events had finished by 1pm so I could get some rest before going to the Surf Ed program that night.

The events I competed in were:

  • Flags
  • Individual sprint
  • Sprint Relay
  • Individual wading

I came 4th in wading and in the flags. There were lots of heats in the flags so I was very excited to make it in the top 4.

Here is a slide show of the carnival
My First Nippers Carnival on PhotoPeach

I really liked competing in the carnival, I think I might do Nippers again next year.

What do you call Nippers in your country?

Do you have a favourite sporting activity that you like to do?