March 24

How to use HTML

For this weeks challenge I am writing a page on how you can use HTML to make your comment more interesting.

HTML code is a hidden that you use on the web to change your words or to add pictures.

To begin with HTML can be a little tricky but once you get used to them it’s easy. Beware that not all HTML works on all types of blogs.

There are some great post and websites you can look at to learn HTML like I did such as 4KM and 4KJ@ Leopold Primary, Mrs Yollis’, and

Here are some HTML codes that I like:

To make a word bold you need to type in <b> enter your word here </b>

It should look like this enter your word here

To make a word italic you need to type in <i> enter your word here </i>

It should look like this enter your word here

To make your word in italics and bold simply put the codes together <b><i>enter your word</b></i>

To change the type of your font type <font face=type style name>enter your word</font>

To change the size of your font type <font size=enter the size you want> enter your word </font>

To add a link to your comment you type <a href=”enter your web site here”>the word you wish to use and then</a> , make sure you leave a space between a and href  which would look like Jarrod’s blog .

Using HTML you can also make shapes and smileys by typing in the following

&spades; ♠
&clubs; ♣
&diams; ♦
&hearts; ♥
:!: ❗
:?: ❓
:idea: 💡
:smile: 🙂
:grin: 😀
:sad: 🙁
:cool: 😎
:oops: 😳
:mrgreen: :mr green:
:roll: 🙄
:razz: 😛
:mad: 😡
:evil: 👿
:twisted: :twisted
:lol: 😆
:cry: 😥
:shock: 😯

Is there any new HTML codes you can share with me?

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