March 10

If I was the prime minister for a day…..

This week at school I need to do a presentation on what I would do if I was Prime Minster of Australia for a day. I’ve thought long and hard about what I would do and have listed my top five things I would do if I became Australia’s Prime Minister.

If I was the prime minister for a day I would:

  • I would make a law that every one in Australia had a pet because pets are kind of useful.


  •  I would make a law for school to be only 3 days a week  and no home work because school takes up too much family time.


  • I would make everyone in Australia have a Hummer (a Hummer is a type of limo) because too many people have really old cars.

  • I would ban brusel sprouts because who likes brusel sprouts.

  • I would make it so every one had a mansion because too many houses are out of date.



free glitter text and family website at


What would you do if you were prime minister for a day?

Do you know the difference between a president and a prime minister?

July 21


On the school holidays I went to my first concert, Pink’s Truth About Love concert in Melbourne. It was really loud with all the people screaming and the music. First The Kin came out and played for about half an hour (30 min) and went off stage. Then they put some music on and every one danced. Pink then came out and sang some  songs about 2 hours before  the concert  finished. There where lots of taxis and lots of people everywhere when we left Rod Laver Arena. I was very lucky as the night I went they were filming Pinks concert DVD and I might  be in it so keep an eye out for it. It  will be out in the USA in November this year.

The concert was fantastic especially when Pink sang upside down, twirling around in the air and then at the end flying across the audience.

Here is a clip I found on Youtube of my favourite part of the concert.

Here are some facts about Pink:

  • She is american 
  • Her real name is Alecia Moore
  • She wrote her first song when she was 14
  • She has worked at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and a gas station
  • September 8, 1979 in Doylestown in the U.S.A
  • She is a vegetarian

Have you ever been to a concert?

If so what was it?

Who is your favourite singer?

March 8

Tyler my brother

For this post I decided to interview my brother Tyler and write it for him as he can’t write yet. This is the story Tyler told me.

Hi name  is Tyler and I am Jarrod’s brother. I am 5 years old and like to play the wii a lot, it is fun. My other favourite things are:

  • Hot wheels
  • Skylanders
  • Piraites  of the Caribbean  lego
  • Playing outside
  • Dirt bikes

I started Prep this year and so far I think school is pretty cool. I also like these things about school:

  • Snack time
  • Lunch time
  • Home time
  • P.E
  • Buddy time
  • ART
  • Maths
  • Reading
  • Indonesian
  • Free time
  • Show and tell

I have more but I can’t name them all. I also love spend time with Jarrod and playing different games with him.

Do you have a brother or sister?

If so what do they like?

January 28


This year I am going to be in Grade 4 and will turn 10. I am looking forward to being in Grade 4 because:

    • I will be getting my very own netbook to use in class and to bring home to use as well
    • doing bike ed and going on camp for the first time
    • being in the same year level as Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan, even though I’m not in their class hopefully we’ll get to do some activities with them
    • I might get my pen licence if I can write neat enough
    • my brother Tyler starts Prep and will be at school with me

I’ve had a great summer break and have done lots of great things such as:

  • had 3 different friends sleep over
  • been to the movies with Nana and Tyler to see Wreck It Ralph
  • got lots of great Christmas presents
  • got to celebrate Australia Day with friends
  • went to the Melbourne Aquarium by train
  • went to the Mussel Festival
  • went for a swim at Lara Pool
  • spent lots of time at the beach
  • competed in a Nipper Carnival
  • tried to surf with my new surf board

Even though I had a great year last year with Mr Hennan and Mr Marshall I know this year is going to be just as good and I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things with Mr Lees.

What are you looking forward to about 2013?

December 5

Edublog awards voting time

I am very excited to have made the nominations for the Edublog awards again this year and would love it if you could vote for me each day. You can only vote once per IP address each day so I ask that you vote using your phones, home emails and work emails each day until  4pm on Monday the 10th December.
To vote visit
  1. In which category would you like to vote for click student blog
  2. Click on Jarrod’s Awesome Blog (be careful there’s a Jaden’s Awesome Blog)
  3. Then click Vote.
There are also many others from Leopold Primary School who made the shortlists such as my class blog 3HM,  4KM and 4KJ and Mrs Morris’ blog, please support them as well.

Thank you to whoever voted for me.

Start voting for me today, please.

 Who is your favourite nominee? 

November 25

Edublog 2012 Nominations

Here are my nominations for 2012 for the Edublog Awards.

New blog

3HM’s Classroom Blog

Because there is a lot of guest posts by students and great topics.

Class blog 

4KM and 4KJ

Because they do lots of great posts and reply to every comment.

Student blog


Dana has a new blog and already has a lot of great posts and widgets.

Teacher blog

Integrating Technology In The Primary Classroom – Mrs Morris

Mrs Morris writes a lot of posts to help teachers all over the world learn more about blogging.



Because they let you get a map for free so you can see how many people visit your blog.

Mobile app


It lets you access educational websites and also lets the flash player sites work on your iPad.


Good luck to everyone who gets nominated

Who did you nominate for the Edublog Awards and why?


October 14

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day (BAD) which is where people all around the world blog on a particular topic on a certain day. This year the theme is The Power of We. You can check out the post I did last year for BAD by clicking here. 14886702@N05/1554086730

This year I’m writing about how schools can work together to improve their school and sometimes help others?

A really great school who help others is Leopold Primary School. They help our world by:

  • Raising money for charities. They have casual clothes days, dress up days and even a crazy hair day where the money raised goes to a charity.
  • They collect can and dry goods to send to those who can’t afford to buy food
  • They also recently collected and donated dog and cat food to their local animal shelter
  • They try to reduce litter by recycling, having “nude” foods and picking up any rubbish around the school
  • They are always looking for ways to  to improve their school and help others where possible
Last year in Grade 2 our class took part in Operation Christmas Child, click here to read about the post we did last year. Many students in our class filled a shoe box full of toys, clothes, bathroom supplies, pencils and books. Once all the shoe boxes were filled and collected they were then sent to children around the world how might need them, from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

Do you know a great school who helps their community?

What does your school do to help others?