January 28


This year I am going to be in Grade 4 and will turn 10. I am looking forward to being in Grade 4 because:

    • I will be getting my very own netbook to use in class and to bring home to use as well
    • doing bike ed and going on camp for the first time
    • being in the same year level as Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan, even though I’m not in their class hopefully we’ll get to do some activities with them
    • I might get my pen licence if I can write neat enough
    • my brother Tyler starts Prep and will be at school with me

I’ve had a great summer break and have done lots of great things such as:

  • had 3 different friends sleep over
  • been to the movies with Nana and Tyler to see Wreck It Ralph
  • got lots of great Christmas presents
  • got to celebrate Australia Day with friends
  • went to the Melbourne Aquarium by train
  • went to the Mussel Festival
  • went for a swim at Lara Pool
  • spent lots of time at the beach
  • competed in a Nipper Carnival
  • tried to surf with my new surf board

Even though I had a great year last year with Mr Hennan and Mr Marshall I know this year is going to be just as good and I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things with Mr Lees.

What are you looking forward to about 2013?