November 25

Edublog 2012 Nominations

Here are my nominations for 2012 for the Edublog Awards.

New blog

3HM’s Classroom Blog

Because there is a lot of guest posts by students and great topics.

Class blog 

4KM and 4KJ

Because they do lots of great posts and reply to every comment.

Student blog


Dana has a new blog and already has a lot of great posts and widgets.

Teacher blog

Integrating Technology In The Primary Classroom – Mrs Morris

Mrs Morris writes a lot of posts to help teachers all over the world learn more about blogging.



Because they let you get a map for free so you can see how many people visit your blog.

Mobile app


It lets you access educational websites and also lets the flash player sites work on your iPad.


Good luck to everyone who gets nominated

Who did you nominate for the Edublog Awards and why?


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4 thoughts on “Edublog 2012 Nominations

  1. Mrs Kathleen Morris

    Hi Jarrod,

    Thank you very much for nominating the 4KM and 4KJ blog and my blog!

    I think the 3HM blog is a very good choice for Best New Blog. I have been following it and I think Mr Marshall is doing a fabulous job.

    It’s great to see Dana is blogging now too. I will head over there now and leave her a comment.

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    1. Jarrod (Post author)

      @ Mrs M☀rris,

      Thank you for leaving me a comment.

      That’s ok I think both of your blogs are awesome and deserve the nominations. I agree Mr Marshall and 3HM are doing a great job.

      Dana only started her blog last week and so far she has done a wonderful job.

      Happy blogging,

  2. Mr Marshall

    Hi Jarrod!

    Thank-you so much for nominating our class blog in the blogging awards, I am very honored.
    The students in 3HM have done such a fantastic job in running it the past 2 terms, lead by their awesome Blogging Captain!
    Thanks for teaching us all about blogging, and of course thank-you to Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan for their assistance too.
    Keep up the great work and keep reminding me that it’s “comment” not a “post” 😉

    Mr M.

    1. Jarrod (Post author)

      @ Mr M,

      Thank you leaving me a comment.

      I’ve enjoyed teaching you and Dana about blogging, it’s been my privilege.

      I will try to keep reminding you but you seem to be getting better at remembering it yourself.

      See you round like a rissole,


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