November 10

My Top 5

I like listening to music on my iPod and here is my top 5 favourite songs at the moment.

They are:

  1. Gangnam Style by PSY
  2. Star ships by Nicki Minaj
  3. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
  4. Whistle by Flo Rida
  5. Wide Awake by Katy Perry

The lyrics for Gangnam style are

Lyrics | PSY lyricsGangnam Style lyrics

What are your top 5 favourite songs at the moment?

Do you like Gangnam style?

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22 thoughts on “My Top 5

  1. Dianne

    @ Jarrod

    I had not seen the full video clip of gagnam style it is very good I can see why you like it.

    I like songs by Pink, Coldplay, Bruno Mars , Black Eyed Peas and LadyGaga
    And some classical music

    Love Nana

  2. Erin

    Okay, here are my top five songs.
    1:Gangnam style
    2Some nights
    3 Somebody that I used to know
    4:Call me maybe
    5: In which to bury us or the hatchet
    and I love the gangnam style! I did it at school, but I want very good cause I never learned XD. I seriously need to learn how to do the dance so I can do a flash mob at the mall lol

  3. Joshua F.

    I like all your top 5 songs.
    Some of my most favorite songs not in order of liking are:

    Gangnam style

    Call Me Maybe

    We Are Young

    Some Nights

    Somebody That I Used To Know

    Wide Awake

  4. Heston.H

    Dear Jarrod,

    Gangnam style is one of my favorite songs. I like Gangnam style because it is really cool and funny. My favorite part is the end when PSY dances with that guy because it is really funny to see there dance moves.


  5. Ben W

    Dear Jarrod,

    Nice songs, my favorite is Whistle by Flo Rida. I also like Gangnam Style, at our school dances everyone dances to that song when they play it, very funny. Good job.

    Ben W

  6. Anonymous

    Definitely, Jarrod!! I love The Gangam Style…psst! Watch the Minecraft parody, Minecraft style By CaptainSparklez

  7. caleb

    Hey it is caleb and i really like gangman style i am soo good at dancing and i was one of the back up dancer i was the one that joined last. Joking I got you all.

  8. KYle

    Hey this is kyle and i really like gangnam style it is really great post to your site. i love to do the gangnam style dance. i really ike yout blog it is one of my fave blogs. are class is learning how to make blogs please look at mine ive just started it so its not that good.

  9. Julianna

    HeyJarrod! This blog is so cool, my favorite songs are;
    1. Cruise by Florida Gergia Line
    2. Wanted by Hunter Hayes
    3. Every Storm (Runs out of Rain) by Gary Allan
    4. The Only Way I Know by Jason Aldean
    5. Why Ya Wanna by Jana Kramer

  10. Julianna

    Hey Jarrod! This blog is so cool. I am taking blogging at school and you have some awesome posts and widgets. These are my favorite songs.
    1. Wanted by Hunter Hayes
    2. The Only Way I Know by Jason Aldean, Eric Church and Luke Bryan
    3. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)
    4. Good Girl by Carrie Underwood
    5. My Momma’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert
    As you probably noticed I really like country music. Love your blog!

  11. Ashley

    Dear Jarrod,

    I too am a fan of Gangnam Style. My top 5 favorite songs are:

    1 They don’t know about us by One Direction
    2 I would by One Direction
    3 I want by One Direction
    4 Some Nights by Fun.
    5 Scream and Shout by featuring Brittney Spears

    They are not in order but as you can tell One DIrection is my favorite band.


  12. dogsdogsdogs

    Hi Jarrod,
    Music means everything to me.
    My top favorite songs are:
    1. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
    2. Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson
    3. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    I only have 3 top favorite songs.
    Yes I do like Gangnan Style
    From Zoe


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