October 14

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day (BAD) which is where people all around the world blog on a particular topic on a certain day. This year the theme is The Power of We. You can check out the post I did last year for BAD by clicking here.


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This year I’m writing about how schools can work together to improve their school and sometimes help others?

A really great school who help others is Leopold Primary School. They help our world by:

  • Raising money for charities. They have casual clothes days, dress up days and even a crazy hair day where the money raised goes to a charity.
  • They collect can and dry goods to send to those who can’t afford to buy food
  • They also recently collected and donated dog and cat food to their local animal shelter
  • They try to reduce litter by recycling, having “nude” foods and picking up any rubbish around the school
  • They are always looking for ways to  to improve their school and help others where possible
Last year in Grade 2 our class took part in Operation Christmas Child, click here to read about the post we did last year. Many students in our class filled a shoe box full of toys, clothes, bathroom supplies, pencils and books. Once all the shoe boxes were filled and collected they were then sent to children around the world how might need them, from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

Do you know a great school who helps their community?

What does your school do to help others? 

October 7

The Block

For the last two weeks I’ve been on school holidays and have done lots of great things. On the middle weekend I went to the “block”, click here to read a previous post I have written about the block. These holidays I went to the “block” with our family friends Wendy, Anthony, Emily and Cameron. Cameron who’s also in my grade this year has written a guest post about our trip.


By Cameron 

On the holidays I went to Jarrod’s Block with my family. I rode the quad bike. I went through the muddy puddles and mud went everywhere. The back of my coat was covered in mud.

Jarrod and I went yabbying.  We caught lots of big and little yabbies. Jarrod and I found some rabbit holes so we made up some homemade traps with wire and sticks.  But we did not catch any rabbits. Jarrod’s Dad got a rabbit and we used this for yabby bait.

My sister Emily rode Jarrod’s motorbike, it is a two wheeler.  Emily loved it so much she did not want to get off the motorbike and her coat was also covered in mud.

For dinner on the BBQ we had dim Sims, sausages, hamburgers and hash browns cooked by the Dads’ it was delicious. For breakfast we had bacon and eggs on the BBQ.

I slept in a room with Jarrod, Tyler and Melane in my sleeping bag.

Tyler, Jarrod, Emily and I all had a turn at Emily’s homemade rocket launcher.  It was awesome and we all got wet. The rocket went high up in the sky and my Dad held the pole.

Thanks for a great weekend Jarrod, Tyler, Melane and Cameron.

What did you do or like to do on your break?