September 16

My trip to Sandown

On the 15th of September I went to watch the V8 supercars at the Sandown 500, in Melbourne. I went with my dad, brother Tyler and some of my dads friends.

The V8’s are a unique type of racing car to Australia, you can learn more about by clicking here.

We went for a walk around to look at the different cars and got lots of posters from the different teams. I also got stuck in a tree but eventually my dad came and helped me down and went rolling down a hill it was really cool.

Here is a video I made of my trip to Sandown 500


Have you been to Sandown?

Have you been to the car racing?

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13 thoughts on “My trip to Sandown

  1. Mum

    @ Jarr☀d,

    What a great job you did on the animoto slide show.

    I’m glad you and Tyler both had fun yesterday, I had fun at home by myself enjoying the quiet too.

    Did you know the last time we went to Sandown you were a year younger than Tyler.

    Keep up the great posts,

  2. Tyler

    @ Jarr☀d,

    I liked watching myself in the videos you took yesterday.

    My best bit at Sandown was watching the cars race, seeing the tricks they did on the motorbikes and spending the whole day with you and Daddy.

    Love Tyler

  3. Mrs Kathleen Morris

    Dear Jarrod,

    What a great post about your visit to Sandown. I enjoyed watching your Animoto.

    I did not know that the V8 was a uniquely Australian car. I have never actually been interested in car racing but I know it’s a popular activity.

    How did you get stuck in a tree?

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs M☀rris

    PS – see you at Blogging Club tomorrow!

    1. Jarrod (Post author)

      @ Mrs M☀rris,

      Thanks for the comment .

      Well my dad put me in the tree.

      Have you ever been stuck in a a tree?


    2. Mrs Kathleen Morris

      Dear Jarrod,

      Thanks for replying. Luckily, I haven’t got stuck in a tree before! 😆

      I hope you’re enjoying the holidays so far!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  4. Beth Donofrio

    Dear Jarrod,
    Greetings from Venice, Florida, in the United States! I teach grades 6,7, and 8, and we are starting a class blog this year. I have visited Mrs. Morris’ blog many times as I learn how to blog. I hope to get my students blogging on their own pages sometime after Christmas this year, but right now we are learning on our class blog which is called “Hey, Kids!”

    You helped me learn about three new things today: cars, Animoto, and student blogging. Congratulations on your Finalist Award for Best Student Blog!

    I have never been to Sandown since I have never been to Australia, but I have watched off-shore powerboat races. Some people here call those races Nascar on water. Have you ever seen boat races?

    Like Mrs. Morris, I am also wondering how you got stuck in a tree.

    ~Mrs. Donofrio

  5. Logan

    yo Jarrod,

    you’re so lucky to go to sand down. No i haven’t gone to sand down and no i have nerver to the car racing as well

    peace out,

  6. Jack

    Yo Jarrod : I loved the v8 raceing car but dude
    awesome music and cool photos and cool post seeya bro Jack

    PS dude how are you ?


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