June 18

My Story

I made a story up from my imagination. Here’s what it turned out to be.


 The Scariest Story Ever

It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone was asleep except Zac. Who was staring out his window. He saw people in black cloaks it looked like a meeting and right he was. Vampires, ghosts, monsters and lots more. Zac snuck out side to sneak a peek. When Zac got out of the house all he saw was just a grave yard .

“That was not there before” said Zac. Then Zac heard a strange voice and it said “ You are not alone” “I’m alone” said Zac.

But just then the graveyard disappeared. But a whole heap of bats attacked Zac. Zac called for help but no one came. Everyone was deep asleep. Zac got a torch and shined them all with it, which made them all disappear.


Now it’s up to you to write how the story ends. 

Have you ever made a story before?

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4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Dianne

    @ Jarrod
    Great story , very imaginative and scary.

    Here how I think the story might go !!!

    All the bats flew a away except for one, it was very small and hanging upside down on a branch just above Zac’s head. “You are not alone” Zac turned the voice came from the bat, there was a bright light Zac closed his eyes. When he opened them there stood a vampire, ” don’t be frightened Zac, I don’t bite”.

    Maybe you can write the next paragraph Jarrod

    Love Nana

  2. Dr Alison Grant - Writer

    Wonderful effort Jarod, you have done amazingly well with your blog.

    If I may continue with your story, it would most likely be:

    Zac replied, “Hey, your Edward Cullen! What are you doing here? How is Bella? Do we get to see the next part of Twilight?”

    Edward: “All in good time Zac, all in good time”

  3. heather

    hey Jarrod,

    my name is heather and i am a student of Mrs.donofrio. I read your scary story and yes i have written a story before it was also a horror story. Another thing i have done that you have on here is the water tornado. I made that project at the school i went to before i switched to the school im at now. I was in 4th grade and i recieved an A- on it because it broke. I guess duck tape works better that scotch tape. I love your blog, my class would love it if you visited our blog. bdonofrio.eduglogs.org

  4. heather

    Hey Jarrod,

    My name is heather and im a seventh grade student of Mrs.Donofrio’s. I read your scary story it was great! To answer your question, YES i have made my own story infact it was also a scary story. Another thing i have done that you have on your blog is the water tornado. I was in forth grade and i got an A-, well I guess duck tape works better than scotch tape. Congrats on your 2011 award!! my class would love it if you visited our blog.




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