May 13

Happy Mothers day 2012

Today in Aust it is mothers day so.

Happy mothers day.


I made this picture.

Mothers day is a special day for mums all over the world.

So today I just want to say thank you to my mum and my nana.

I think my mum and nana are so special because they care for me a lot.

A mother’s love determines how
We love ourselves and others.
There is no sky we’ll ever see
Not lit by that first love.

Stripped of love, the universe
Would drive us mad with pain;
But we are born into a world
That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss
That told me who I was!
The greatest gift–a love of life–
Lay laughing in your eyes.

Because of you my world still has
The soft grace of your smile;
And every wind of fortune bears
The scent of your caress.

This poem is by Nicholas Gordon.


Why is your mum so special?

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5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers day 2012

  1. Mum

    @ Jarr☀d,

    What a lovely surprise post. It’s great to see you created it all by yourself.

    Nana and I both love taking care of you and your brother, most days you put a smile on our face 🙂

    I can’t believe that this year you’ll be 9 you’re growing up so quick. I look forward to many more mothers days and the special gifts you make and the thought which you put in when buying presents.

    Thank you so much for my lovely mother’s day gifts.

    Love Mum

  2. Nana

    @ Jarrod

    Your picture is lovely, and the poem was beautiful it made me cry.

    Thank you for dedicating your blog to me and you special mum.

    You make me smile and laugh you brighten my world

    Love you always xxxxxxxxx

  3. Aidan Song

    Hi, I really enjoyed your poem. It was profound and full of love for your mother. It made me realize how much I would miss my mother’s love if she was gone. And also, your whole blog is amazing!

  4. Collin F.

    Jarrod, this is an awesome post and I love the poem you wrote so much. It is an amazing poem! My mom is very special to me because gave me the opportunity to live, go to a great school, live in a great place, and live in a great family! I love my mom so much!


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