March 15

Bellarine Rail Trail

For this week’s challenge I needed to write a post about where I live however I have written many posts about my town such as about the post I wrote for a local radio station BayFM, our towns theme park, our local  football team and of course our town Geelong. I thought I’d write a persuasive argument about why people should use our local rail trail to ride their bikes instead of on the road.

The Bellarine Rail Trail runs from Geelong to Queenscliff. It use to be a railway track which opened in 1879, then in 1976 the rail way line closed. In 1979 they reopened the track between Drysdale and Queenscliff for tourist train rides. The rest of the track has been turned into a bike / walking track. I have riden with my family to Newcomb and to Drysdale from Leopold.




I believe the rail trail is better than the road.

Firstly, the rail trail is safe. It’s safe because there are no cars, so no one can run over you.

Secondly, it’s more quieter. It’s quieter because there is no traffic as it’s located away from the road.

Last but not least it’s less busy on the rail trail than the road because it’s very long and people can use it at different spots.

That’s why I believe the rail trail is better than the road.

What did you think of my persuasive text?  

March 4

Chow mien

On Saturday the 3rd  I cooked tea for my Nana, Par, Mum and brother Tyler.

Here is the recipe to make it:

1/2 kilo (500 grams) mince meat.

1 pack of chicken noodle soup.

3 table spoons of rice (uncooked)

4  silver beet sticks

2 onions

1/2 finely chopped silver beet


1 table spoon soy sauce

3 table spoons tomato sauce

1 teaspoon curry powder

6 shacks pepper

1 teaspoon salt

1.Put water,chicken soup and meat in saucepan and stir.

2.Add all other ingredients,stir until it boils,then  simmer for 30 mins.Stirring occasionally.




Everybody loved my tea, Nana scored my tea a 9.7 and Par scored it 9.5.

What do you think about the recipe?

What do you like to cook for tea?