February 26

Minecraft for free

I have a new game which is fun to play it’s called Minecraft. You can play for a long time as it allows you to save and continue your game for another time.

You can purchase Minecraft or you can play a free version, all you need to do to play is sign up. I like to play it at school in the computer room at lunch time. I recommend the game for children 8 years and older to adults.

The aim of Minecraft is to build houses, villages,  fight zombies, walk around and explore.

On Minecraft you can:

  • make a house with lava surrounding it
  • make an aquarium, without fish
  • fly around
  • put up signs
  • kill zombies
  • grow (spawn) villagers, skeletons, pig zombies
  • and lots more

The thing I like the most about Minecraft is that if you die you can start again from where you were.

By the way thank you very munch for showing me the game Quinn.

What do you think of Minecraft?

Do you have a favourite computer game, if so what is it?