January 23

My Top 5 Wii Games

The world’s first Wii was made in 1996 so that means it has been around for about 15 years, we got ours about 4 years ago. I love playing games on it and also competing against friends and my brother.

Some of my favourite Wii games I like to play are Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Just Dance 3, DJ Hero 2, Wii Sports and Wii Play.

In Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games the goal of the game is to come 1st or 2nd or 3rd. Some of the games you can compete in are shooting, cycling, football (soccer), gymnastics, swimming, dream long jump and dream trampolining.

In Just Dance 3 the goal of the game is to copy the person on the TV. Songs I like to dance to are party rock anthem and teenage dream.

In DJ Hero 2 the goal of the game is to press the correct buttons to beat of the music. You can also DJ it up and scratch to the beat.

In Wii Sports the goal of the game is to beat your family, friends and beat the Wii. The different games you can play are tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing.

Last but not least in Wii Play the goal of the game is to get a gold medal on every little event. Some of the games you can play are fishing, shooting, table tennis, tanks and cow riding.

Do you have a favourite game you can recommend for me?

What game did you vote for?

January 8

My First Nippers Carnival

Since the start of Term 4 I have been going to Nippers training every Friday and Sunday. I go to Ocean Grove beach with the Ocean Grove Life Saving Club practicing my skills to be able to compete in competitions. They also do a Surf  Ed program at the start of January which goes for 6 sessions which I have also been doing.

On Friday the 6th of January 2012 I participated in my first Nippers Carnival at Cosy Corner beach at Torquay. I had an early start and had to be there by 8am, luckily my events had finished by 1pm so I could get some rest before going to the Surf Ed program that night.

The events I competed in were:

  • Flags
  • Individual sprint
  • Sprint Relay
  • Individual wading

I came 4th in wading and in the flags. There were lots of heats in the flags so I was very excited to make it in the top 4.

Here is a slide show of the carnival
My First Nippers Carnival on PhotoPeach

I really liked competing in the carnival, I think I might do Nippers again next year.

What do you call Nippers in your country?

Do you have a favourite sporting activity that you like to do?

January 2

My ‘Block’ of Land

Our family and four of our friends own a 20 acre ‘block’ of land in Amphitheater,Victoria. It’s about 2 hours North-West of Geelong.The closest town which is 10 minutes away is called Avoca it’s a small town. In 2006 the population of Avoca was 951 and Amphitheater was 291.

My family and I left for the ‘block ‘ on Monday the 26th on boxing day and came back Saturday the 31st New Years Eve.This time we took our dog Yogi up to the ‘block’ he had a great time lounging around and going for walks with us.

At the ‘block’ we don’t have internet or power so we use a generator for power. When I’m at the ‘block’ the only electronics I can use is ones that run off batteries as we only turn the generator on at night. The ‘block’ is a great place to ride my motorbike, go for walks or drives, play outside, catch butterflies and run around outside. When we go to the ‘block’ we get to see lots of native animals, this time we saw Quails and Dad found some of their eggs when he was mowing.

This time when we went to the ‘block’ some friends came up on the Tuesday and Dad and Wayne went for a motorbike ride in the Pyrenees Ranges. I played at the ‘block’ with Bridgette, Charlotte, William and Tyler and then at lunch time we drove around to Moonambel to meet Dad and Wayne for a picnic lunch at the park.

On the Wednesday night my Nana and Par drove up and spent the night at the ‘block’. I also slept a night in a tent for the first time with Mum, which was fun but not as comfortable as the beds inside the hut. My Dad, Par, brother and I all went Yabbying and caught some for lunch on the Thursday, they were delicious!  We then drove to Avoca and had an ice cream with Nana and Par before they left to go home.

On the Friday I helped Dad do some painting and then we hung out in the shade as it was a hot day. We were planning on staying at the ‘block’ until Sunday but it was getting to hot and decided to come home to the air conditioner and pool.

Here are some photo’s of my time at the ‘block’

The 'Block'
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When we stay at the ‘block’ we need to be careful of snakes and bush fires especially during Summer. When we are walking or driving around we need to make sure we watch where we are going and let Mum or Dad know if we see smoke or a snake.

Have you been to Avoca or Amphitheater?

Do you have a holiday spot you like to go to?

P.S. Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year. I had a great Christmas and got lots of fantastic presents.